5 Reasons YOU should own Bitcoin

1.   It’s the fastest/most secure means of payment between two wallets through what is called the “block chain” The block chain is a form of decentralized technology in which manages as well as records all transactions that take place through mathematical equations This means that all transactions are managed through several nodes within the ledger […]

My 2021 Investing Plan

Here it is, my grand master plan or how I am going to achieve my financial goals for 2021. I hope you take away some value from this video. Thanks for watching!

$XSPA DIPS? Watch this B4 it RIPS!

Dialog: Hey guys Benji Taught here, back at you with a part 3 on XpresSpa better known as Ticker Symbol $XSPA. Before I give you all these hidden gems I’d really appreciate it if you’d subscribe to the channel, hit that like button, and share this video with a friend. We’ve been seeing some action […]

Settled In

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. Thank you to those of you who are subscribed I really appreciate you all, many crazy videos to come I’m sure. This would-be week 2 that I’ve been living in CA. I love it here tbh, this week was pretty eventful too. Made some new friends, went behind […]

Flock The Nest

I know I haven’t posted a video in a little bit & for good reason. I moved, for starters. So, here’s to Week 1 living in California! I’ll be posting weekly vlogs on Sundays 9p CST A lot of reason behind my moving to CA was to build a stronger network in a state I […]


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