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Settled In

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. Thank you to those of you who are subscribed I really appreciate you all, many crazy videos to come I’m sure. This would-be week 2 that I’ve been living in CA. I love it here tbh, this week was pretty eventful too. Made some new friends, went behind […]

Flock The Nest

I know I haven’t posted a video in a little bit & for good reason. I moved, for starters. So, here’s to Week 1 living in California! I’ll be posting weekly vlogs on Sundays 9p CST A lot of reason behind my moving to CA was to build a stronger network in a state I […]

Epiphany #1

Live Life with Curiosity Where do I begin.. Over the past few months I have dialed in my dedication to personal productivity and expansion of my business endeavors. With strict regimen I ‘ve been given gifts only one in search would receive. I will be sharing each of my major epiphanies through a series of […]


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About Me

Hi, my name’s Benjamin Smith, most call me Benji. I’m recreating Benji Blogs to shed light on my personal life a little bit. Sometimes I like to have fun so here’s a place for me to store those memories!

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