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Benjamin Smith – Up & coming YouTube sensation.

Benjamin James Bartholomew Smith was born in Minnesota in the late 90’s. During his adolescence he gained an interest for white collar industries, studying a variety of business professions. He moved on to start college early, only for about 13 months, well, then he dropped out with a diploma in Office Administration & General Business. Since leaving college Benjamin found himself working a 9-6 job inside a cubicle at his mother’s place of occupation.

Not long after starting his first corporate job without placement of the college, he realizes that he is meant to take on bigger feats. So, he quits to take on his bigger vision in becoming a solo entrepreneur with a vast variety of income streams.

Here we are today… Benjamin is living on his own terms, trying to find his true calling in the entrepreneurial world, and having a hell of a time along the way.

What I Do


Stock/Cryptocurrency Investing

Social Media Marketing

UAPilot (Drone Pilot)

Real Estate/Real Estate Investing

Website Development



Level of Experience

0-10 yr
Realtor®/REI 30%
SMMA 40%
Stocks 60%
Cryptocurrency 60%
Business Development 60%
E-Commerce 45%
Website Development 45%
Videography/Photography 70%
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