I created Benji Taught for many reasons, predominantly

 to teach others how to make some money! 

The goal is to be financially independent right? Have some

 leeway for spending, vacations, unexpected emergencies.

 I get it. 

I worry about these things myself & let me tell you the stress 

is inevitable, it  will come & go. 

I look at creating passive income as a game, money as a tool, 

& I intend on bringing you all the cheat codes.

This will be a place I show you my the failures, successes, and 

breakthroughs in the world of business.


Areas/Level of Expertise

0-10 yr
RealtorⓇ 25%
SMMA 40%
Stock Investing 60%
Business Development 60%
Crypto Currency 35%
E-Commerce 45%
Website Development 45%
Videography/Photography 70%
HTML Coding 40%
REI 35%
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